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Short-Term Loss & Long-Term Gain – Why This Is My Only Post This Week (Probably)

“There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice.” — Simon Sinek

Last week I wrote a post about why I’m taking a course in psychology. What I didn’t mention is how it’s also affecting other areas of my life.

An aspiring musician asked me about how he could balance his full time studies and work with following his dream of becoming a professional musician. As he explained his situation I started wondering what kind of perception of time he had.

It was obvious that there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to study full time, work as many hours as he did (it almost added up to a full time job), and add music on top of that.

I told him that he should be realistic and understand that if he wanted to pursue music as a profession then he’d have to either sacrifice time for work or studies to do that.

It would’ve been easy to tell him to skip school, stop working, and dedicate himself entirely to his dream. But that might not be in his best interest, impractical, or even dangerous. At least at this time.

I went on to tell him that perhaps he had to accept that he should focus on his studies and work for now. If music is a long-term goal of his then there’s no real reason that it has to be front and center right now when it’s perhaps not the practical choice. He can plan so that once he’s done with his studies that time can be allocated to music.

All that said, he still has to make his own decisions.


Come on triple word score!

How does that apply to me and this being the only post this week (probably)?

Well, it turns out that my studies are requiring more and more of my time. I have to adjust to that reality.

This means that I’ll post 1–2 times per week instead of the regular 4. Also, I’m cutting down on work.

Now, in the short-term I’m going to get less opportunities to help people and less money.

In the long-term it opens up new possibilities for the future, as well as gives me better tools with which to help people.

I’m trading short-term loss for long-term gain.

Had this been 5 years ago I’d try to juggle all of it at once and more than likely failing at all of it.

What I’ve come to learn is that I can’t have it all. At least not at once.

It’s all about making adjustments and choices.

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Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!


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