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Start With What You Know – One Way To Learn Faster

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” — Marilyn vos Savant

We humans are pattern recognizing machines. So, how do we use that to our advantage?

Learn one or a couple of things really well. I mean, go really deep into it.

School exposed me to a lot of different fields and ideas. But it didn’t tell me anything that my class mates didn’t already know.

I found my expression through music. This lead me to learn as much as I could about music and creativity. I also enjoyed football (soccer to some of you), and I LOVED videogames.

While I didn’t realize it at first, the more I learned about my interests, the more it gave me a framework I could use with which to view other fields.

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This is just like Tetris!

I could use the basic principles of music to see how other things were “like music”, “like football”, “like creativity”, “like videogames”. Since I understood music at a deeper level it became easier and easier to see ways in which things like psychology, math, physics, etc overlapped with my primary interest(s).

Now, it wasn’t always a perfect tool and sometimes it screwed up my thinking because I couldn’t find an appropriate analogy.

But as I grew my understanding for things besides music and creativity, I found other ways of explaining concepts to myself.

Develop and find new ways to connect ideas and concepts, it’ll pay huge dividends further down the line.

Start with what you know and love.

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