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Off The Top – Some Random Advice

“Random chance plays a huge part in everybody’s life.” — Gary Gygax

As humans we’re on the lookout for patterns, but there’s so much wonderful randomness in life that we miss out on by not looking for it.

Whenever people ask me questions they’re usually of a practical nature. But yesterday I got a message asking me about any random tip I had.

While my mind immediately tried to understand what specific thing would this person like to know, my playful side came up with 3 quick and easy ideas.

Top Hat

Hats off!

  1. Talk to cab drivers, ask about their lives. Now, not everybody is sociable but some of the more interesting ideas I’ve had and stories I’ve heard of were thanks to cab drivers.
  2. Go on IMDb and look at titles and covers of movies you haven’t seen. Then write an outline of what you’d like the movie to be about, what happens, and how it ends.
  3. Besides being a quick exercise in creativity, if you return to it some time later it can also tell you a lot about yourself, your hopes and dreams. If there’s even a hint of self-consciousness in you, make a complete ass of yourself, preferably on multiple occasions. The single most liberating thing I’ve done was to walk around town with a penis-shaped piece of bread on my shoulder as if it were a parrot. Also, lying down in the middle of the store, going backward through doors while looking right at the person behind you (technically now in front of you?), or singing poorly in a crowded elevator might do the trick. While these things might annoy the hell out of a few people it’s a great way to stop seeking the acceptance of others and really start loving your weird, wonderful self.

Now, what random pieces of advice would you like to share?

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Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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