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Your Hero Is Taking A Break – Who Will Step In?

“A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.” — Tom Hanks

What if I told you that the person you look up to the most is taking a break from their work. What if there’s even a good chance your hero’s done, finished, and never coming back?

That’d leave some pretty big shoes to fill.

Would you wait until someone else stepped into them?

The thing is that even if they don’t take a break or retire, there are plenty of people they can’t help or even reach. There’s still a void left to be filled.

Often we wait for someone else to come along and save the day.

Duck Race

“Duck, duck, goose”, anyone?

The truth is that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the things we can actually accomplish.

It’s easy to say things like: “It’s not in my DNA” or “The man is holding me down”.

Even if that’s true, we don’t know how far we can take it despite our faults and flaws.

Take another look at those shoes. The world is waiting. Why don’t you be the one to step into them?

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