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Are Dyslexics More Creative? – Well, This Is My Experience

“I think my dyslexia was a vital part of my development because my inability to read and write meant that I had to find knowledge elsewhere so I looked to the cinema.” — Joe Wright

After working with many dyslexics who are artists, producers, and business people I can say that they ones I met weren’t on average more or less creative than any other people in the same field.

However, what I did find was that they had to lean heavily into their strengths. This resulted in them often having people around them (collaborators, partners, etc) who compensated for their weaknesses.

Perhaps this is why they’re seen as more “creative”? Since they’re often forced to go about things in a different manner than other people, it’s seen as more creative/novel/unique?

Another common thread was that if they hadn’t already established themselves they had a fear/heightened sensitivity of being seen as “dumb”.

Now, this is purely anecdotal and shouldn’t be seen as “evidence”. To be somewhat sure about these things there needs to be research done in that particular area.



As for why they’re seen as more creative than the rest of us?

I suspect there’s a lot of survivorship bias at play as well. We’re far more ready to see examples of people who succeeded despite this diagnosis as remarkable than people who’ve accomplished just as much or more who don’t have it.

Also, we probably don’t take into consideration how many people that have the same diagnosis aren’t particularly creative or successful due to other factors that sometimes come along with dyslexia like poverty, prejudice, family issues, lack of infrastructure in their society, lack of education because they’re seen as “dumb”, etc.

We might be well served by also asking ourselves what biases lead us to ask questions like this. I’m not saying it’s entirely wrong, but understanding how we think and how we can think differently, or “better”, will also lead us to asking better questions.

Asking better questions yields better answers.

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