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Is *Insert Activity* Wasting My Time…? – A Question To Substitute That Question

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” — Auguste Rodin

If you find yourself asking a question framed as: “Is *insert activity* wasting my time?”

The answer is: Nope. However, I can understand why some people would feel that way.

Like any medium or form of entertainment that we can spend our time and attention on, it can become too much.

Especially when it’s used mindlessly, not purposefully.

The problem arises when we hop on social media platforms, binge on Netflix, or spend our time channel surfing, scrolling, and clicking around aimlessly.

Of course, by pure serendipity we might stumble across an idea, concept, article, or what have you that we find deeply interesting and engaging.

The question is whether or not we actually use and convert that information into action.

Does everything need to be purposeful? Nope.

Headless Statue

Don’t lose your head over it.

However, we should stop to ask ourselves every once in a while if we’re using it to it’s full potential or merely spending time on it. In some cases it could also be used as a substitute for having a sense of progress or achievement.

If we read 10 articles we might feel like we’ve achieved something. Well, in a way we have. But was it purposeful? Did it get you closer to anything tangible?

If not then you might want to ask yourself if your time would be better spent doing something completely different that would actually get you closer to whatever it is you want out of life.

But this all comes around to something bigger than Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever your platform of choice is. Those are just tools.

It’s not a question of whether they’re wasting your time.

It’s whether or not you’re wasting your time.

You have a great deal of say in the matter. You can make different choices.

So, what are you going to do about it?

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