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Making Mentors Mentor – Some Thoughts On Internal Company Mentorship

“So many organizations have a mentoring arm, but they don’t really do it.” — Walter Dean Myers

What do you do when you’ve put a mentorship program in place but the mentors simply don’t show up for sessions?

Well, you could try various “carrots & sticks” approaches. Making sure that there are incentives in place for the kind of behavior you wish to see.

However, I don’t think that approach builds much goodwill.

Another way is to simply accept the situation as it stands right now and focus on those people that are already participating in the process.

Could those people be given more time to focus on mentoring? Perhaps those that aren’t willing to participate in the program could pick up some of their work?

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Duly noted!

The truth is that some people simply aren’t willing to participate, and they shouldn’t be forced to. I don’t think there’s much benefit for the mentees to have those kinds of people as mentors either.

If you’re really having a hard time finding enough quality mentors inside the organization then it might be best to outsource the mentorship.

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