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The Kids Are Alright – You Can Actually Learn Something From Young People

“Youth has no age.” — Pablo Picasso

A couple of days ago I posted the article “Twenty Harsh Lessons For Your 20s — Reflections On A Decade Of Life”.

While the feedback was pretty good I had to take objection to one comment:

“Hanging out with younger people and your age group, adds nothing to your experience. There’s no wisdom to learn from them. Think about it. They’ve been on earth shorter than you, how can they impact you positively.”

If this were true then why would people in their 30s hang out with people in their 20s? Let alone people in their 40s, 60s, and 90s?

Staying connected with people regardless of age can help inform us about what’s actually going on in the world.

As creepy as this sounds, I know that I wouldn’t be able to advise people about social media if I wasn’t asking teens on a regular basis about how they use it and observing what their actual behavior on the platform is.

Now, would I considering taking advice on life decisions, diet, investments, etc from teens? Not so much.

Would I want to learn and be up to date with their experiences in education, social media, video games, music, entertainment, and so on? Most definitely.

Kids Playing

The kids are alright!

Those are things I value and I find that exposing myself to those experiences keeps me current and aware.

Also, I find that there’s a great deal to be learned by teaching others. If you’re 20 and can teach/mentor people that are younger, then you’ll have an opportunity to gain valuable experience as well.

It’s easy to focus entirely on what benefits oneself, but the “I got mine, Jack”-mentality only goes so far.

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