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Dear Mentor… – What Questions Should You Ask Mentors?

So, you finally found a mentor. But now you’re crapping your pants.

What should you ask?!

It really depends on what your needs are. What do you want to get out of them?

You should start by asking yourself really general questions like: “What do I want to get better at?”

Then you get more specific questions predicated on the fields and skills you want to develop.

Once you’ve gotten more specific, get more specific than that!

Don’t be afraid of asking “stupid” questions. Be up front with your mentors and tell them: “Well, I don’t really know what questions I should or could be asking. Where do you suggest we begin?”

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With a hug. We always start with a hug.

If they’re any good they’ll start asking you questions and as you answer them that might unlock some ideas for you. Take notes, ask the mentor if you may record the interaction, then listen and read your notes.

Your mind might get clouded during the session but you might think clearly when you’re out of the situation. Again, this might itself be something you could ask the mentor about: “How can I be more present and think clearly during these sessions?”

The trick is to just come up with as many questions as possible, decide which could yield the best results for you, and if you can’t think of anything let the mentor take the lead by asking you the questions.

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