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Can I Help Me? – Solve Problems Yourself Or Hand It Over

“I have always been much better at asking questions than knowing what the answers were.” — Bill James

It can be hard to tell whether you should be spending your time figuring things out or to ask for help.

We’re completely capable of doing both. We can learn a lot by doing things ourselves. But how long is long enough?

If you can’t identify when to hand it over to someone else, set up a system that tells you when it’s time.

You could for example give yourself a deadline. “If I haven’t found an answer by next Tuesday I’ll ask someone about it.”

Now, you might ask yourself: “Well, what’s a reasonable deadline for…?”

If you’re doing that then it tells me that you’re just overthinking things and your mind is finding ways of avoiding doing whatever needs to get done.

Just set an arbitrary deadline and stick to it.

Helping Hands

It’s not sticky, more like, clammy?

But that feels weird, right?

Relax. It’s only a feeling, nothing more. What’s far more effective is to acknowledge that you’re feeling insecure, or whatever label you put on it, and taking action anyway.

We won’t know if it was right or wrong until we’ve either solved the problem ourselves or looked for outside help. Also, you’re better off sticking to your strengths rather than spending too much time on something you suck at.

If you still want to try your hand at it, go for it. You might learn something valuable in the process. Also, you might fail.

Of course we want to avoid that, it’s embarrassing! However, it’s not a reflection of you as a person. It’s merely data.

It’s results. Nothing more. Learn from it.

Once you realize that you can start accepting the icky feelings you’re feeling and doing it anyway.

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