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No Work? No Problem! – Being Patient Is Hard Work

“Patience and boredom are closely related.” — Bertrand Russell

You’re fresh out of college and you’re working at a company where you’ve been for about a month. You already know the ropes yet when you finish your work quickly. Then you eagerly go asking for more but your colleagues don’t have anything to offer.

They tell you to go study or something.

You feel bored.

Now, the specifics will depend on the field you’re in. It’s hard to give anything but general advice without knowing what field you’re in.

It’s one thing if you work at an office handling papers and reports, whereas if you’re a chemical engineer the following advice could cause you to blow the lab in the air. I suggest you give us something more to go on or ask the question again.

I’m going to assume that your job will not involve something that could possibly hurt you, your colleagues or impact other people’s lives too negatively if you screw something up.

Your colleagues are right, this is a fantastic time to study.

Ask if there’s any old material you could use to practice what you’re learning. That way you’re applying your knowledge to something real but that doesn’t necessarily hurt the business in case you make mistakes.

Once you’ve done that and proven to yourself and/or others that you’ve honed your skills, ask for permission to apply them to real cases (or whatever it is you handle).

Corporate Presentation

Fascinating. That one bar is taller than the others.

Now, understand that some people might not like you taking initiative in this way. They might feel threatened.

Office politics is something you will have to learn to navigate as well. Two great books on the subject are “Leadership BS” and “Power: Why Some People Have It”, both by Jeffrey Pfeffer.

If you hit a brick wall at work you could search for questions related to your field on Quora and by answering them develop those skills in a different setting.

Should you keep working there for several years without results, perhaps you should look at other opportunities at companies where your skills will be put to good use.

That being said, you’ve only been at the company for 1 month. Give it some time, you have to shovel some shit and prove yourself first. People aren’t going to trust you from the get go.

You have to earn it.

Ice Dance Lift

Going in for a slam dunk.

There’s an opportunity for you to learn a bit about patience here. Things don’t happen immediately. Spend your time learning, reading, thinking, observing, etc.

Hopefully you’ve chosen something you love and are going to be in for the rest of your life. Perhaps not the same company, but the same field.

You’ve got time. Spend it wisely.

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