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How To Deal With Stupid People – Or, You Know, Don’t

“I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.” — Edith Sitwell

“How do I deal with stupid people?”

Now, this question seems really “assholish”. Not asked by an asshole per se, but asking it moves us toward the asshole region. It’s asshole adjacent is what I’m saying.

Even if, by some miracle, they are as stupid as you think they are, how could they possibly be capable of understanding how stupid they are?

It’s the ultimate Catch 22. And it is not worth your time.

Head In The Sand

Don’t mind Timmy.

My advice is to stop worrying about all the other people and focus on turning that frustration towards something more productive.

I’m serious.

This is the perfect chance to start meditating and calming your mind. Start building towards a future where these things are seen through a more objective lens. A lens that helps you actually do something about it.

Perhaps you can become a teacher yourself? Perhaps you can educate people in other ways?

Start working on things that will help you bring about actual change in the future.

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