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Neophobia – Something Old, Something… OMG! Dafuq is that!?

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” — Seneca

There’s always been this push and pull between what’s new and what’s old.

People want new things, otherwise things get dull. At the same time we shy away from things that are too new, but unless we go for the extremes we won’t know how far we can take it.

Yes, there’s always been resistance to creativity in a sense. It makes us feel uncomfortable and unsafe because we didn’t necessarily have those tools or things around us growing up.

We see this question repeated throughout history. “Is this going to be the end of civilized society?”

VR Headset

Wow, it’s like I really AM bored at the office! What? It’s not on? Oh…

Social media, the internet, video games, grunge, heavy metal, punk, rock n’ roll, movies, TV, radio, electricity, art, printed books, etc.

I mean, go back a little more than 2000 years and we have people debating whether or not pen and paper would dull our minds.

Pen and fucking paper.

Pen, Paper, Coffee & Desk

This is what the threat looks like.

There’s good and bad with everything, it all comes down to how we individually use our creativity.

On the bright side, there’s probably never been a better time than now to be in a creative field. You can make a comfortable living without being one of the all time greats, and don’t have to suffer or die for your work to matter.

We don’t want the things we’ve always known and loved to die.

It doesn’t have to.

It can still live on as a memory as something beautiful that we cherish. But if we get romantic about it and cling to the old we’re fighting a losing battle.

Things will change.

If we embrace the change, it can become something beautiful too.

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