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Don’t Stay In Your Lane! – Go Horizontal Or Go Vertical? Or Both?

“When people are used to you doing something, they want you to stay in that lane.” – Kevin Durant

I believe that people are creative by virtue of being people.

When we’re being creative we’re really just solving a problem. A problem posed by someone else or that we’ve come up with ourselves.

Now, there are two main components to measuring how creative something is.

  • Useful. Is it practical? Does it serve it’s intended or an unintended purpose?
  • Unique. How different is it from the things we’ve experienced before?

When something is both useful and unique we can determine it to be creative. If it’s purely practical and not very different then we’ve merely solved the problem. We haven’t made it stand out of the crowd. As a result it might not be used.

If it’s only unique but doesn’t serve a purpose it’s not really creative since we have no use for it.

Now, a person can come up with creative ideas and solutions in some fields but might give in to the first solution they come up with in others.

My personal view is that we become more creative by exposing ourselves to the best things mankind has to offer. No matter the field.

Different OccupationsInterdisciplinary cross pollination, ye!

We should try our hands at different pursuits. Who knows what things we can bring with us into the world of art if we’ve been surgeons for all our lives? What interesting ideas can come up when a musician starts studying neuroscience?

I believe that cross pollination between different fields can lead to bigger and better ideas. Now, some of those pursuits will lead us down blind alleys. But unless we explore them, how can we know for sure? Perhaps we can learn something even if we “fail” to get the results we wanted?

So, I don’t think you should just “stay in your lane”.

At the same time I also feel that we should delve deeper into the areas we’re really passionate about and good at in order to acquire expertise.

Personally, I like being a “T-shaped person”. Having deep knowledge in one or two fields and knowing a little about a lot.

I find it works best for me.

Now, you go do you.

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Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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