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At Closer Inspection… – The Value Of Before’s & After’s

“Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty.”

– Tacitus

Let’s be honest, when it comes to starting on something new most of us are in one of two camps. Either we’re too cautious and put it off until “someday” or we jump in head first before checking if there’s any water in the pool.

There’s some construction going on nearby my house. Since they need to do some blasting, they performed an inspection of my house yesterday. Once they’re finished blasting they’ll do another inspection. Just to make sure that there are no damages to the buildings in the vicinity.

This got me thinking about how rarely I do a proper inspection before I begin on a project.

Sure, I ask myself why I’m doing it (if I can’t give a proper answer to this key question I simply don’t do it), what I want to accomplish, and how to go about it.

I even perform post-mortems on projects to make sure that I learn my lessons.

What I don’t do often enough, except perhaps once or twice a year (close to my birthday and at the start of a new year), is to inspect my current state.

“Where am I at right now?”

Inspector Gadget - Gadget CopterThis gadget would so not work IRL.

When I was in my 20’s this was almost a weekly practice. I analyzed the past, present, and future a lot more.

This way I had a much clearer picture of my evolution.

Nowadays I rarely analyze where I am at. I’ve spoken before about the three boxes in the article “Distractivity”. I can see what I need to do (Incoming), what I’m working on (Ongoing), and the results (Outgoing) by looking at them.

However, these are the external matters. They don’t really give me a clear picture of myself as a person and lessons learned. Those things kind of come out when I look in my diary, blog or here on Medium.

What I need to be looking at now is an “Inspection Journal” of sorts that has more structure and metrics I can actually look at.

Do you peeps have any suggestions on what metrics to include? Do you keep this kind of a journal for yourself or your projects? Any good books on the subject?

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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    • Whoa, didn’t realize I was excluding cyclical time. Alright, I’ll bite… Explain further so that I fully understand! =D