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Thank You For BLUF:ing! – Why I Really, Really Appreciate The TL;DR

“Being able to write an idea down succinctly doesn’t make that idea any better than one which rambles on a bit. It just comes to the point sooner.”

– Simon Travaglia

Honestly, if you just read the headers, quote, and understood my point there’s very little need for you to read any further. You got it and now you can focus on something else on your agenda. If you’re just wondering about the acronyms they are:

  1. BLUF – Bottom Line Up Front
  2. TL;DR – Too Long; Didn’t Read

Then there are those who are a bit more interested and who want a deeper understanding of “why”.

Well, for me it’s the matter of time. What I think is our most precious resource.

If I can get the jist of something in 2–3 minutes and is actionable I’d rather do that than spend 15 minutes on listening to a more in-depth analysis of it.

That’s 10 minutes I’ve saved and I’ve already started doing something that’ll yield results. To me that’s priceless.

Then there are those times when I feel I really need and want something more substantial. It all depends on what matters most to me.

There’ve been books I’ve started that drone on for far too long. What I’ve done instead is to look for videos, materials, and summations online where I can get to the core of the issue.

Cat Sleeping On BookI can haz teh CliffsNotes?

The absolutely best thing is to find people who you can actually interact with and ask questions.

“Hi, here’s is what I want to know about this subject. Uh-huh? Now, what’s the first thing you think I should do to get started? Alright, can I contact you again if I hit a road block? Great! Thanks, bye!”

What got me thinking about this was a message I got where the bottom line was completely lost on me. There were simply too many details, and I spent something like 10–15 minutes trying to unpack it. That’s when I realized that I’d much rather be doing something else.

My first thought was to ask: “Thanks, unfortunately I don’t understand what you want from me. Give me the abbreviated version, please.”

My second thought was: “Fuck it, I’ll just say ‘Thanks’.”

I went with option 2.

This might be a dick move on my part I just didn’t find it was worth my time. Also, I’d be wasting theirs too.

In fact, I’ve started doing more of this myself. I give people:

  1. The BLUF.
  2. A deeper explanation further down.

If there’s something that needs further explaining, they’ll get back to me.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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