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This One’s On Me! – Some Thoughts On Reciprocity

“We are enriched by our reciprocate differences.”

– Paul Valery

Think about the 5 people closest to you. Imagine yourself being in a tight spot financially. Who’s the person most likely to lend you money?

There’s probably one who’s at least slightly better off or just really generous.

Now, imagine that you’re moving. Who’s the most likely to help? Is it the same person or is it someone else?

What if the roles were reversed? What would you do?

Would you lend a buck, turn up and help or would you do something else in return?

Here’s where we often run into a snag. Just because you do someone a favor doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be reciprocated in the same way. In fact, you might not be reciprocated by them at all.

There are people who are parasites but I’m assuming you’ve got a keen eye and can spot them easily. So let’s ignore them folks and focus on our productive friends, family & acquaintances.

Tropical DrinksI’ll drink to that!

What do you do when someone does you a solid and there’s absolutely no chance in hell you can ever repay them in kind?

You could do a million small gestures and hope that you’ll do some good. But what if that person doesn’t want or need anything you have to offer?

Well, then there’s something else you could do. Go out in the world and do good shit.

Help others less fortunate than that person and/or yourself. Give someone else a leg up.

I’m not advocating going in blindly and doing good gestures for people who’ll just take advantage of your kindness. You either know how to pick & choose wisely or you’ll learn.

Also, when people dissuade you or decline your help, for God’s sake, listen to them! There are those who can and want to manage things by themselves.

Stepping into one of those situations, however good your intentions might be, doesn’t do them or you any favors.

Despite this fact whenever you find yourself at a loss for what to do for someone to whom you’re forever endebted, help someone else. There’s great power in indirect reciprocity.

With the right people around you, you won’t have to worry about whether everything’s fair and square.

It always evens out in the end.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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