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Give It A Way – Why I Freely Donate My Ideas To People

“It is normal to give away a little of one’s life in order not to lose it all.”

— Albert Camus

Earlier this year I was working with a music producer who’d gotten stuck in his process. He’d been showing up almost every day but nothing much was happening. There was this one specific track we focused on.

He played it for me and while I thought it was decent enough and he could very well move on we decided to play around just trying things out.

When I asked him what his influences were at the time he talked about things that felt kind of “samey” to me. While his tastes were wide he was clearly in a period of listening to only a few genres.

So I played a couple of different styles I was into at the time to see if anything sparked his imagination.

There was this one song I played that he didn’t react to but I felt it could at least be interesting to try out a couple of the effects from it.

He added some of them into the mix. All of a sudden he was on a roll and felt really inspired.

Later that evening he gave me a call and joked “You know you’re not getting any royalties from this one though?”, I was happy for him and that we’d made a small breakthrough.

We continued to work on the other stuff as well, but the core issue had been resolved. He’d simply not cast a wide enough net to make things interesting for himself.

Cat Interested In ComputerMeowthinks the problem is with your mouse.

Later when I gave this story as an example to someone else I got the question “Aren’t you bothered when people steal your ideas or that you’re basically giving your ideas away for free?”

What I told her was that when I was younger I was really protective of these things. Mainly because I’d had a music teacher who told me stories of getting screwed out of royalties and getting bad deals. Naturally after hearing this I felt I had to keep my ideas to myself and be very careful about who I choose to trust.

The thing is that I’ve learned that I’m probably not going to get to do a lot of the ideas that I’ve got bouncing around in my mind.

Also, I either don’t have the interest to pursue them or to go through the process of learning everything I’d need to know.

That’s why I try to give away as much of those ideas to people who are genuinely interested and passionate about them. People who’ve already got the know how to realize them.

Most of my ideas aren’t ”mine” per se. There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. The odds are quite big that someone’s got either the exact or a pretty damn similar idea.

However, what varies are our tastes, experiences and ability to create them.

Here I say “Let the best person win.”

If someone can execute on that idea better and/or faster than I can, more power to them.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It AwayAn idea so hot it’s off the Scoville chart!

Now, sharing ones ideas can be risky since some people aren’t interested in much else other than turning a quick buck. This quite often leads to subpar creations.

This can lead to people being suspicious when another one turns up. While it might turn out to be an uphill battle, if the people behind it are determined to make it happen then hopefully others will start seeing it too.

My main reason for doing it though isn’t all that elegant or philanthropic. It’s really quite simple.

I just want to see more cool shit in the world.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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