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Nature By Nurture – Questioning Is Human Nature

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”

 — Plato

I received a mail from a colleague who’d attached quite an interesting video of Steve Porcaro explaining the genesis of the song “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson.

Now, I’m always interested in how everything is connected in some way, and the role serendipity plays in these things.

Steve Porcaro — Story Behind “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson

The lyrics were always great in my mind but knowing how the song came to be just added yet another layer to it.

How often we forget to ask that childlike and beautiful question “Why?”.

Why are things the way they are? If they aren’t serving their purpose anymore, why don’t we change them?

A producer and I were talking about the impact of LSD in culture and music. While I’m not a fan of drugs, I do find their effect on our minds fascinating.

We talked about how we have these abilities that we don’t always know how to unlock, and that having them behind a safe wall was probably a good thing. Through an evolutionary point of view that is.

I mean, seeing ourselves as a part of a superconciousness wouldn’t have served our best interest when we needed to focus on getting food and shelter. Ye, we would’ve been kind of extinct had that been the case.

FlintstonesDino’s living on a Jurassic Park upstate where he can run & play.

However, it seems like we’ve gotten to a place where we actually can unlock those barriers without going crazy (or extinct) if we surround ourselves with the right people and put ourselves in the right frame of mind.

It feels like we’ve become more comfortable in the last 50 years about asking the question “Sure, it was locked away for a reason. Is that reason still valid though?”

For a lot of people these spiritual things come with a lot of negative associations and baggage. Even science has opened up to the idea that there are in fact benefits to meditation and other spiritual endeavours.

While we’re still looking out and exploring the universe, there’s a lot we can learn by searching within ourselves as well.

And that’s an interesting journey.

JourneyVery interesting indeed!

Do you lean heavier on the side of exploring the outer world, or do you prefer exploring your inner world?

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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