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You’ll Never Talk Alone — Utilizing Our Ability To Dialogue In A Monologue

“One advantage of talking to yourself is that you know at least somebody’s listening.”

— Franklin P. Jones

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking the same things over and over again without getting anywhere? Then, when you talk about it with a friend, relative or even a pet all of a sudden it all feels crystal clear.

I used to go through that until a couple of years ago when I found myself talking about it out loud to noone in particular. When I realized that this helped clarify my thinking I continued to do it.

Deadpool - The VoicesA plan so crazy it just might work!

Sure, it seemed weird as hell at first then I got kind of used to it. Sometimes even mutter things to myself with other people around.

Later I got into the habit of carrying around a notebook and jotting things down instead. Because, you know, I didn’t want to be that crazy person talking to himself on the subway.

By doing this external exercise I trained my brain to do the same tasks in an internal and visual way. While I’m not perfect and aren’t always mindful of how I think I still get stuck and do enlist the help of others when I want some more feedback than I can give myself.

While watching the TV-series “Limitless” (based on the amazing movie “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper) I saw something interesting I hadn’t really thought about.

Limitless - Three WayOh, the awkwardness after a three way… conversation.

Perhaps it’s even more efficient to visualize yourself arguing both sides of your point of view. Both being the speaker, listener as well as playing devil’s advocate.

Now, I’ve done this internally and I feel like it’s more of a “Deadpool” kind of thing rather than what I see on “Limitless” and Stephen Colbert’s old segment “Formidable Opponent”.

Stephen Colbert - Formidable OpponentIt always ends in a tie.

I’m thinking of creating a short video with myself, a cartoon character or having a cardboard cutout that I can use until it’s become a habit that helps me visualize the discussion in my mind.

Have any of you tried something like this? Did it work? What kind of benefits and/or disadvantages did it create for you?

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!



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