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Conspicuous Inconcistency – I Really Want To Be Consistent And I’d Rather Be Happy

“Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead.”

– Aldous Huxley

I received a phone call from a producer with whom I’ve been working with for the last couple of years. He’d noticed a certain lag in my responses and inconsistent behavior.

You know how some people think that they need to “suffer” in order to be creative or produce good work? I don’t buy it.

What I have noticed is that I’m a lot more satisfied with my life outside of work lately and as a result have been more relaxed and kind toward myself. I let myself take my time and not worry and stress out about things that would usually bother me.

Bill - That'd Be GreatSo if you could be a little more worried and stressed out that’d be great…

This has, in some ways “unfortunately”, lead that my feedback and replies aren’t as fast or as frequent compared to just a couple of weeks ago.

I noticed this because whereas I would’ve usually begun my Monday by writing something motivating to kick the week into gear I instead chose to have a day off.

“Seriously? Take Monday off? Dude, the hell is wrong with you?”

I felt like I’d rather spend it with people I love and also just meet and talk to new people.

As a result I put a lot of things off until today. Nothing major, still it makes me reflect about what’d happen if I’d find even more joy in those other pursuits.

However, I think that it’d actually lead me to create an imbalance in my life that would lead me to become less happy and as a result return to my work. I’m hoping this time I’ll be smart enough to notice when the scales tip over too far.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Has happiness in other areas of your life distracted you too much from the work at hand? How did you find your way back into balance?

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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