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Disconnecting The Dots — Confabulating A Conspiracy Using 3 Discarded Pictures

“What do you call a story that has limited data points, limited factual data points, that you fill in with your ideas and beliefs? A conspiracy.”

— Brené Brown

During the past week I’ve been staring at 3 pictures that I haven’t used in my posts. Why? Because I found others that felt more appropriate given the context.

Fake Out, Allegory Of Music & NishaThe 3 Pics

So, the thought occurred to me: “Hm, how could I make up a story using these 3 pics?”

So, I started looking for ideas or common threads, just freely associating off the top of my head.

  1. Filippino Lippi’s “Allegory of Music”. Symbols and mythology, holy, divinity, spiritual, composition, hidden meaning, mysticism, supernatural, vulnerability, happiness, sadness, fear, sacrifice, nature, playful, purpose, creation, destruction, life, death, peace, youth, darkness, light, contrast, passion, action, restriction.
  2. A fake out in rugby. Movement, avoidance, violence, fooling, psychology, competition, opposition, war, winning, losing, falling, getting up, strong, weak, preparation, reading, understanding, intelligence, health, physical, mental, experience, teamwork, leadership, responsibility.
  3. Nisha from “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel”. Law, order, west, corruption, power, loyalty, trust, betrayal, heroism, manipulation, conflict, purpose, following, teamwork, destructive, ego.

So, after staring at these associations for a while I took a break by watching Oprah interviewing Brené Brown about her new book “Rising Strong”.

That’s when she said it:

“What do you call a story that has limited data points, limited factual data points, that you fill in with your ideas and beliefs? A conspiracy.” — Brené Brown

Tin Foil HatVery couture!

That’s what I was creating.

Also, that’s when they came together in my mind. They all represented a part of that process.

Lippi’s “Allegory of Music” represented the mystical thread, the fake out how we happily deceive ourselves by believing those threads exist and Nisha the one that brings order to it all.

So they did have a connection after all?

Fake Out, Allegory Of Music & NishaIt all makes sense now! No, wait… It doesn’t.

No, not at all.

And this is the important part. Things only have the meaning we give to them.

We’re masters at interpreting and connecting the dots. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great! At least when we use it for creation, but when we use it to interpret the world that surrounds us it doesn’t always yield the best results.

We infer and read situations wrong. We tell negative stories about ourselves and others. We create conflict where the might actually be none.

Understanding and respecting the fact that we have this awesome power makes it much easier to detect when we’re under the influence of it.

And when we notice it we’re less likely to act on them and ask ourselves, “Is what I’m reading into this really true?”.

That’s when we can start disconnecting the dots.

O Rly OwlYes, rly!

What are some common ideas, beliefs and values that form your views on the world? How do you think they’ve shaped you?

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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