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Goby & Pistol – Putting The Right People In The Right Place

Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with

— Selena Gomez

The pistol shrimp is a diligent worker. It creates and tends to beautiful burrows at the bottom of the sea.

This little fellow also has a lazy ass roommate. The goby fish. who doesn’t clean or in any way help with the chores.

However, he does provide some value. As the pistol shrimp is nearly blind the goby fish helps keep a lookout for potential danger.

Whenever they’re both out of the burrow (no doubt at the urging of the pistol shrimp) the pistol shrimp stays in contact by touching the goby fish with its antennae.

The goby signals danger by a certain movement of its tail. And they both scurry back to their abode.

Goby & Pistol ShrimpPistol: “This seems fishy.” Goby: “Nope, it’s just me.”

Now, this is cute as all hell. But take a moment today and reflect on those symbiotic relationships going on all around you that you either take for granted or that you haven’t really thought about.

How do they work? What could use improving? Have you shown gratitude in your life for those things?

Also, if you’re going at it all on your lonesome. Are there any responsibilities you’d be better off handing over to someone else?

The point is this, you have something of trememendous value to provide. Sure, on the surface you might seem like that lazy ass goby, but somewhere in the world there’s a person who needs your good sides.

Plus, they might just be the right people to get you off your backside and help you achieve something greater than either of you could do on your own.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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