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Ain’t No Mulligans In Life – I Made A Dumbass Choice, So Ye

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.”

– Napoleon Hill

Back in June I saw an opportunity and I pounced like a cat. Meow!

(What the hell was that? Please ignore it, it’s Friday.)

Let’s call this opportunity “E”.

I didn’t get any answer so I started sending messages on social media.

Still, after a couple of weeks, no answer.

I hadn’t forgotten about it but other offers came along. There was one opportunity that caught my attention however. Let’s call this one “T”.

I didn’t really think much of it at first but it just kind of evolved into something better than I thought.

Well, yesterday a message popped up on my phone: “Still interested?”.

It was from E.

E – Finger spelling

Wohoo! Take some E and party all night!

This was one of those “Shit, what the fuck do I do now?”–moments.

Two great opportunities. E vs. T. And I’d already invested time and energy into T. Plus it also felt like something that could help me grow tremendously.

Since I was in the middle of having lunch and making small talk I asked for advice.

All I got was: “You know, I’m not that great at these things. Ask yourse…”

Before sentence was finished I already had the answer clear to me. Sometimes all we need is to ask someone else.

What usually happens is that you get a feeling about what you hope they’re going to say. That’s usually the right choice.

But, before taking action I thought about it some more. Procrastination is still very much a thing.

Finally, I declined E’s offer politely and said that while I still felt inspired and tempted by the opportunity I had to say no.

And in all honesty, if I’d been presented with both options at the same time E would’ve been my second choice.

But here comes that majestic twist.

Later that evening T more or less lets me know: “We’re going in a different direction.”

One Direction

Four went in one direction, one in the other. You knew it had to be done.


Couldn’t you just, like, have told me 3 hours earlier?

Now the stupid thing is that I could send a message to E saying something like: “Hey, you know I was just kidding, right? I’m totes on board!”

Or I could explain: “So, THAT just happened.”

However, what I’m probably going to end up doing is to simply eat that turd sandwich.

I mean, E’s my second hand choice you know? They deserve someone who’s seriously into the project. I thought I was until I started comparing the two.

If all we’ve seen are apples then how could we know that we have the option of having oranges?

A part of me is begging for a Mulligan. But, there are no do–overs in life. Atleast not with a clean slate.

But this also gets me thinking.

What if I’m actually E’s first choice? What if it turns out to be a much better match despite all that bullshit inbetween? What if it’ll end up helping me develop way more than T ever could?

Then again, what if I say “Yes! Praise be Jesus!” and T changes their mind and wants me back in?

I know that I’d jump on it in a heartbeat.

Then there’s the optimist in me going:

“Fuck it, ‘Opportunity C’ will probably come along any minute now and blow ’em both out of the water!”

It’s easy to think about this after the fact, but try to put yourself in the same position: “What would I have done going in blind into this?”

Would you have had the bravery to step away from T? Tell them that you were interested in E before they came along and that you felt committed to pursue that opportunity?

Perhaps you would’ve tried to make your schedule work around both options? Do you think you could’ve given both projects the attention they deserved?

Let me know in the comments and hit me up on Twitter.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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