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Where’s The Beef? – Being Strong For Others

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– A. A. Milne

Do you poll your friends, family and co-workers about shit you already know the answer to?

It’s like there’s a contradiction of minds inside. Deep down you already know precisely what you want to and should do. You just don’t.

You’re waiting for someone’s permission or validation to go ahead and do it.

“Well, if it turns out to be a completely asinine idea I’ll atleast get to share the credit with Suzy!”

I’ve always been curious about why this is.

Curious George

You know what? Monkey, curious, swinging… I’m not even gonna go there.

Earlier today a psychologist asked about how they should deal with having all the knowledge about what behaviors they should correct in themselves and yet felt powerless to do so.

This almost made my brain punch itself in the balls out of frustration. Ye, I believe the brain has balls.

Didn’t anyone tell them that it’s pretty common to see other psychologists in order to deal with their own issues? We all benefit from having that sounding board.

It’s so easy to just put up a front and say: “Hey, I can manage this myself!”

It takes a real courage and vulnerability to say: “Look, I don’t know if I’m strong enough to do this on my own. I think I might need some help.”

While that may be fitting for a drama about overcoming the struggles of addiction it holds true for our everyday lives as well.

How often do we really put ourselves out there?

We don’t want to be seen as weak and frail. But what if asking for help actually shows how strong we are?

Strong Sunglasses Thumb Up

Dis strong.

Now, we don’t need to go to the extreme and play victims that can’t do anything for ourselves. Believe me, there are plenty of those peeps out there. But I feel we’re pretending to be a little too self-sufficient for our own good.

When we look at other people’s issues it’s so painfully obvious to see what needs to be done. Hell, sometimes we even manage to do it for them when they feel they can’t.

It gives us a sense of accomplishment.

But the same thing would be infinitely harder for us to do for ourselves. We should feel free to admit that.

Sometimes when we’re lost, feel weak and don’t know what to do, we can still muster up an incredible show of strength to help the people around us.

It’s way easier to be strong for others than it is to be strong for ourselves.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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