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Humans, What Can’t We Do? – Well, Actually There Is One Thing

“What are some things people think they can’t do, but can?”

There’s a frickin’ broad question for you to ponder.

Personally? With the risk of seeming overly optimistic I’d have to say: Everything.

It comes with a couple of caveats however.

We can be born with or accumulate disabilities that may limit our options, mobility and possibilities to interact with the world.

Still, we’re always searching for ways of hacking those problems and expanding the possibilities of all people.

What we can’t escape however is that ultimately humanity will come to an end.

Even if we manage to conquer travelling at the speed of light (or faster?) we can’t outrun the fate of the universe.


Dude, you’ve expanded. Time to go on a diet.

As you’ve probably heard the universe is constantly expanding.

Well, there are three components to the universe.

1) Baryonic matter – These are the things we can see. Makes up around 5% of the universe.
2)  Dark matter – It doesn’t reflect any light so the only way we can  observe it is by its gravitational pull. This makes up about 27% of the  universe.
3) Dark energy – This is the  magic stuff. Unlike Baryonic and Dark matter, that draw things closer  together, Dark energy actually pulls things apart. This makes up the  remaining 68%.

So, why does this matter? See that? See that pun right there? Ye.

Because while the universe expands and the amount of Dark energy increases, Baryonic & Dark matter does not.

What this means is that the universe is going to be dominated by Dark energy and as a result it will become colder, run out of gas to form stars and the stars themselves will turn into black holes.

Scary stuff, right?

Well, don’t worry. Eventually even these black holes will disappear leaving behind them absolutely nothing, a.k.a “the heat death of the universe”.

Big Bang – Expansion

Lalalalalalaaaa! I can’t hear you!

Ain’t that one big-ass caveat? And with that out of the way here’s what I’m getting at.

Mankind is operating on approximately 200.000 year old technology. While certain genes have proved to be more useful and survived we’re still basically the same kind of humans we were way back when.

For the first 150.000 years nothing much happened. Then, about 50.000 years ago something changed.

We had started creating tools and as a result had an easier time surviving and thriving. The real magic happened when someone thought: “There has got to be a better way of doing this.”


Hey, what exactly are you doing to that antilope?

We mastered fire, we invented the wheel, houses, clothing, hunting, agriculture, transport, steam, fuel, industry…

Hell, we even managed to figure out a way of putting humans in a steel can, blast it into space and have them live to tell about it.

Looking back at recorded history, which is about 5000 years or so, who would’ve imagined that happening?

I’m sure there were a lot of people throughout the ages looking up at the moon and thinking: “We’ve come so, so far. And we’ve got so much further to go. I wonder when we’ll get to set foot on that place?”

Inevitably there’d be the negative Nelly going: “You’re thinking about going to the moon again, aren’t you? Forget about it. It’s never going to happen. Us humans are stuck here so stop your wasteful dreaming.”

Moon – Desert

Pull up your damn pants!

Now, I’m not saying we should be blindly optimistic. There are great benefits to being skeptical, analytical and realistic about our prospects. We ensure our safety in case something goes terribly wrong with our experiments.

But at the same time we need to be foolish enough to believe that it just might work. If we fail, then atleast we tried.

We’ve got such a deep seeded want to survive. I mean, look around you. All these things? They were just ideas in someone’s head at one point. Now? They help us live easier, more comfortable and secure lives.

We’ve fucked stuff up pretty badly along the way too. And we’re probably going to do it again.

Repeat – Music

Pon de replay!

But if we manage to avoid blowing ourselves up, survive long enough to populate other planets and secure the species survival we can make something really great.

Even those who’ve done something that seemed impossible are sometimes blind to the possibilities.

“No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris.” – Orville Wright

Orville Wright

Read my stache: Not. Gonna. Happen.

While at the time this might’ve been true they didn’t know what was coming round the corner.

There is always going to be that person with a chip on their shoulder, eager to go: “Oh, yeah? Fuck that. Let’s prove them wrong.”

We’ve got it in us to take this species to the very end of the line and I think that our bullheaded doggedness is what will ultimately take us there.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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