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That’s The Spirit! – The Power Of 6 Breaths A Minute

“The spirit is the true self.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero

Whenever someone describes having a “spiritual experience” it piques my interest. I’m always curious to hear what words they choose when describing the emotional and physical experiences.

There’s a certain amount of confirmation bias on my part, but one common thread has been a sense of calm. If they don’t mention it themselves I make a point to ask about their breathing at the time.

It’s kind of fun to see how their attention totally shifts. Like they’re in some way drawn straight into themselves, you know? The attention shifts from “out there” to their inner self.

Man Glass Ball

Be the ball.

You’ve probably had the experience of a friend freaking the hell out, right? Maybe you’ve even been the freakee?

What’s the first thing we say?

“Calm down and just breathe!”

It’s kind of interesting actually. The word “spirit” comes from the latin word spiritus meaning “breath”.

Whenever we lose ourselves we’re asked to connect with our breath, our spirit.


That’s the spirit!

A scientific study showed that when a choir sings they synchronize their breathing, as a result their hearts sync up too.

When we don’t really think about it we take between 16-24 breaths per minute.

If we’d like to manage stress and be healthier we should be aiming for is 12-15 breaths per minute.

The absolutely best way to relax is 6 breaths per minute. Inhale for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds.

If we look at the “Hail Mary” prayer or the mantra “om-mani-padme-om” they sync up with the 6 breaths per minute. Maybe those peeps were onto something?

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