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Let’s Wing It – The Importance Of Acting On Your Ideas

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yesterday I read an article on that made me laugh and really hit home for me. You can read it here.

The main takeaways for me were:

1) When you get an idea act on it. Immediately!

2) Understand that sometimes things just have to be “good enough”. Perfection is the enemy.

3) Post it on your blog, like, yesterday!

Blog Posting

Flex those fingers!

Why is it so important? Well, it isn’t. Ideas are cheap.

But at the very least you have some kind of evidence that you were working on something similar if not the very same thing.

So, somebody beat you to the punch? Your amazing work is all for nothing, right?

Not entirely, maybe you’ve learned something about the process. Maybe you can use the information or put the same theme under a different light? What if you can’t find anything that could justify building something else from the work?

Screw it. You’ve got another million ideas you can work on instead. You’re welcome to grieve the loss of time and effort but sooner or later you’ve just got to move on.

Her contribution to language would’ve been “Flâneuse”. Fortunately for me I get to coin the word “beslutmattning” here. It’s a portmanteau of the two Swedish words “beslut” (decision) and “utmattning” (fatigue).

It’s something I’ve used to describe that moment when we’re faced with too many options and simply shut down.

Now that it’s been recorded for posterity, what’s next?

What's Next?

Ooh, old school wood type!

At 10:48 this morning I got a call from my friend and music producer “Belton”. During our chat he mentioned a cool idea he’d had a while back about how to get some synergy between Instagram and Ray-Ban.

I loved the idea! We talked for about an hor and he asked me to help him make it happen.

So while he was working out at the gym I did some research to see who the right players were, who I knew and who I could get a hold of.

When he called me back about 2 hours later I’d already found a guy with whom I had an acquaintance in common. Also, I’d mailed him, read up on the company he worked for (who owns Ray-Ban) and drafted a pitch of the idea.

Needless to say things moved pretty damn fast. When I told him this he said that it also made him a little nervous.

Escalated Quickly

You know the line.

It’s understandable. We want to put things under the best possible light and make it as good as it can be before showing it to the world.

While that’s admirable we shouldn’t forget about that there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people out there who have the same basic idea.

Now, what I know is that 99% of them won’t do a shit about it. They’re content with being able to say that: “Hey, I thought of that! And I could’ve done it 20 times better!” once someone else has actually done it.

That, my friends, is the difference.

If there are a thousand people out there with the same idea as you and 99% don’t do it then it leaves you with 10 others.

Who will win? Is it the person with the best version? The one who’s the fastest?

Nobody knows. All we know is that actions trump ideas. Each and every time.

Actions Speak Louder

Find more “Cyanide And Happiness” on

That’s why I chose to act on it immediately. Because maybe we’ve got the right combination? Maybe this is a good enough idea with good enough execution to make it happen?

The least we’ll get is the experience of doing it. This is something neither of us has done before. We’re total n00bs figuring it out as we go along.

We could even end up getting screwed. We could mention the idea to someone who’ll pass it off as their own. We don’t know.

I mean, cash wouldn’t hurt but all we can hope for is that someone will recognize the value of the idea and that reward us for our efforts and contributions.

Plus, by simply writing about this we can have some form of bragging rights should the idea hit the market tomorrow.

What’s your big idea? Have you taken steps to make it happen? If not, what would be your first step?

Let me know in the comments and hit me up on Twitter.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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