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In With The Knew – Taking A Second Look At Old Knowledge

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

–Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes you realize that you’ve read or heard something but you’ve never looked at it that way before.

Some years ago I read a book by Ralph Murphy called “Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting”. Whatever you do in life this book can teach you a lot about the psychology of human beings and why we like what we like. Highly recommended.

I was talking with a songwriter & producer about a song that had some issues. We talked about how the melody, lyrics and music needed to speak the same language. How important intonation & rhythm truly is. He said: “Yeah, there’s a word for that. Prosody.”


Looking for handouts?

I was impressed! Then he mentioned that it was from the book “Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting”. I was weirded out because it wasn’t something I’d picked up on. And I felt like I really should have.

I gave it another read and was amazed at how many things I hadn’t noticed in the same way before. I’d read it a couple of times but I still found new things and could associate to other concepts.

That’s my short and sweet proposition for you today. Go back and read one of the books you haven’t read in a while.


Because you’ve lived and learned a lot of other stuff along the way.

Usually great books have layers to them. Things aren’t always visible because we haven’t had the experience required to fully understand them.

Art Eye

Eye know nothing!

What book or books are you going to give read or reread this summer?

Let me know in the comments and hit me up on Twitter.

Have a kick-ass ₢eative day!

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