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In Through The Back Door – How To Think Differently To Get To Where You Want To Go

“Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be.”

– Albert Einstein

Today was really busy. Everything from art to marketing to world economy was covered. Right now my mind is pretty mushy.

However, I was asked about how I got my start in coaching and got an idea for a short post.

Short Post

Can’t decide if visual puns keep getting better & better or worse & worse.

Basically what happened was that I’d helped an artist and since they knew a business in need of help I hopped on the opportunity.

Now, my main intention at the time was to work with artists, musicians & producers. I hadn’t really thought about business. However, the same basic principles apply so I gave it a shot. Lo and behold it turned out pretty damn well if I say so myself. And I do.

Humble Brag Jesus

You and me both, broseph!

I was somewhat struggling while trying to get more artists to work with. By this time I’d worked with some businesses. My “market” was mainly businesses and writers. I thought that it was kind of curious looking at the data. But from that grew an idea.

Who would’ve thought that working with an artist could lead to working with businesses? What if I focused on the business people in music? Maybe that could lead me to working with artists?

Well, I tried it and not entirely surprisingly I got some opportunities to work with independent labels which in turn lead to the artists.

GPS Recalculating

We’re going left, right?

That’s what I want to point out.

By looking at what is I could use the information to get to where I felt I should be.

I looked at the data and saw that the way I communicated and presented myself gave results in the worlds of writing & business.

I tried to adapt to what artists, musicians & producers were looking for but it wasn’t my strong suit. I like analyzing, I like data, I also like the magic and serendipity. So, instead I found a way through the back door.

Back Door

Screw it, I’m going in through the chimney.

Where do your strengths lie? What kind of people naturally gravitate towards you? What are some ways you could use these principles to get to the people you want to work with or meet?

Have a kick-ass â‚¢eative day!

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