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Help Others Help Others – Connecting People With The Right People

“If you don’t know about something, then you ask the right people who do.”

– Spike Lee

Lately I’ve been preaching about the virtues of surrounding yourself with good people. That’s all well and good, but some have reacted in the manner of: “That sounds teriibly selfish.”

While they’re somewhat right I’ve explained that we still need to provide these people with some value or they’ll be gone pretty damn soon. “So it’s mutually selfish?”. Yeah, kind of, but still not.

It seems really self evident now but I hadn’t really been able to give a good example of why else it’s beneficial.

Well, something happened a while ago when I was answering some questions about how a tech product should be marketed and how they should go about making a decision tree.

Auto Charts Bot

About as relevant as mine would’ve been. Courtesy of “Auto Charts”, a bot created by Darius Kazemi a.k.a Tiny Subversions.

Taking a deep breath and looking into empty space I realized that I wasn’t the best person to answer this question. I’ve neverĀ  launched a tech product and that’s not something I feel comfortable giving step by step advice on.

I told him I’d ask two people to get back to him. They’d actually worked in tech launching and marketing successful products and could help him far better than I could.

He gave me the impression that he’s suffering from “paralysis by analysis” so I went on.

What I tried to explain was that there are probably tools to make the most “logical” decision. However, we’re dealing with people. People aren’t “logical”. Our decisions are based on emotion. Even when we get data the data makes us feel a certain way which then guides our decisions.

Knowing which approach is the “right” one is almost impossible since something can come along in the next 10 minutes that completely turns the market upside down and we’ll have to start from scratch.

Crumpled Piece Of Paper

Origami lvl: 0.

The key lies in executing our idea and adapting to whatever happens during that process. What we’ve envisioned our product and customer to be might turn out to be completely different and we’ll have to recalibrate.

I’m personally an advocate of the “ready, fire, aim”-approach. It might be because I’m working with the creative rather than the business aspect of it. That being said, I have a sneaking suspicion that the same principles might apply.

Still, I don’t believe I have all the answers. While I’m focusing on my stuff I have people around me that I trust can help those I can’t. To be able to connect the right people with eachother when people need it is a blessing.

Deadpool & Spidey In Trouble

Cherry bomb in the girls toilet AGAIN? I’m disappointed in you guys. The lack of creativity! (Illustration by Kevin Shinick)

Rounding off this post I want to thank Darius Kazemi for letting me use one of his/his bots’ graphics. I thought I’d share something else of his and found a talk he gave that I hadn’t seen previously. So, I had a look and… Well… It’s funny how things just happen to line up sometimes.

In this talk he basically spoofs the whole “this is how you succeed”-speeches that we’ve seen by using the lottery as an analogy of success. His point being that we should focus on “buying more lottery tickets” than try to devise a cunning system over something of which we have limited or no control.

Have a fantastic & creative day!

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