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Double Down! The Power Of Working Together

“Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand” – Stephen R. Covey

A writer was having problems with their stories. Well, it wasn’t really the stories that were the problem. The “plots” were good, the characters were well fleshed out etc. The problem was the language.

It felt stilted at times and the dialogue would become too on the nose. This was probably due to the fact that English wasn’t his first language.

Mother & Baby

I am the greatest!

I suggested that he go one of two ways. Or better yet, do both and just prioritize one over the other.

1) Expand his vocabulary. Listen to conversations & analyze the use of language. Read more books and study the authors whose material he enjoyed. All of his other passions, interests & experiences would feed into his writing so I suggested he look for lessons from other fields as well.

2) Partner up with somebody who’s got better language skills but might be weaker in the story/structure department. This way they could complement eachother & leverage their strengths rather than spending too much time improving on their weaknesses.

Batman & Robin

Holy Lars Kepler, Batman!

The reason the second option would be what I preferred was that the best way to learn is to actually do it. He could probably get a lot farher a lot faster if he just found a partner whose work he could study while the partner also learned more from him.

It might lead to a really fantastic long-term collaboration or it could lead to some semi-decent work and they’d go their seperate ways but the upside would still be the experience they’ve gained from eachother.

Question today is, have you worked like this yourself? What were the upsides, what were the drawbacks?

Have a kick-ass creative day!

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