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Gary Vaynerchuk’s 3 Key Questions

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE. Got any questions? E-mail me at” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Yes friend, we’re back to the value of asking questions!

Recently I tweeted a question to Gary Vaynerchuk because I was curious to know what questions he uses to better understand his clients.

The question went like this: “What 3 questions do you most commonly ask your clients when meeting them for the first time?”.

Well, the following day I was watching his Q&A show “#AskGaryVee” and saw my tweet pop up. And he delivered an awesome answer with a some extra topping!

Gary Vaynerchuk - JJJRH

Pick up Gary’s books, they’re just pure awesomeness in the shape of, well, books!

To watch the episode you can click here or watch it at the bottom of the post. Here’s a transcription:

Zac, wonderful question for everybody in client services, agency life.

This should be fun!

You know, number one is: ‘What is your KPI?’. What’s your Key Performance Indicator? Like, what is the thing you want us to accomplish?

Is it views? Is it sales? Is it perception? Is it press? Is it… Is it your own judgement on how you feel about the creative… How are you judging us? What are the results?

And they’re really seperate. ‘How are you judging us?’, ‘What are the results’ are number 1A and 1B, that matters the most.

And, really, the third one would then be ‘What are you willing to tell me about your warts?’.

Meaning, there’s just a lot of people that are not going to tell you about the politics that are an issue, the money that’s an issue.

I’m always trying to get them to be very truthful for us, to us once I understand what the issues at hand are.

So, ‘What do you really want to accomplish?’. By the way, people struggle with answering that. People struggle with answering that.

Number two, ‘How are you going to judge me?’, sometimes they struggle with that less.

Number three, ‘What are the warts?’, most people don’t want to tell me upfront. We try to sniff them out early so we can navigate them. And, you know, it’s like a minefield to get to the finish line.

Those are the three.

And they’re… And they’re very important questions and trying to figure out in every situation. In absolutely every situation.

In dating, building your own business, in having clients. I really think those three are super-fun. And by the way? They’re very important equally.

I think, for example, I think people that struggle with dating are way too much time on number three.

They’re so concerned about what the person’s warts are, skeletons in their closets, they’re not trying to figure out how they’re being judged to be a good partner in that relationship or how that’s going to be scored.

And so, having a great balance of all three… That’s a little nugget there, give you a little fun fact at the end of this question!

It’s the 33% execution of those three questions that may be equally as important.

Naked Gun 3 Poster

Frank knows the importance of… Um… Whatcha doing there buddy?

It was so great to hear this because the top 3 questions I ask of my clients are:

1) Tell me about yourself.
2) What’s your desired outcome? (Gary’s KPI)
3) What are the blocks standing in your way? (Gary’s “warts”)

I know, I know… “The first one sure looks like a statement”, but it serves the purpose of a question. We ok here, officer?

The beautiful thing about asking questions is how you always get something out of it. Gary sure delivered on this one!

One thing that he mentioned as a top priority for him, didn’t make my top 3. It’s something I hadn’t really taken time to reflect on and that was “How am I being judged?”.

Somewhere deep down inside I understood that my performance wasn’t only being measured by how well I could help people overcome blocks and reach their desired outcome.


A Mr. Freeze pun? No, I wouldn’t sink so low. Unlike, you know, the Titanic. BAM!

It was about the journey there.

Wow, not an appropriate phrase after referencing the Titanic but I stand by it!

I’d never considered explicitly asking a person what they wanted that journey to be like, to feel like. I always managed to kind of figure it out somehow and deliver anyway.

So, that was a big one for me. I’ve tried to feel my way to what the person needed.

Whether they needed someone who was more hands-on and nurturing or if they needed someone who just pointed them in the right direction and preferred a hands-off approach.


Hey, dude on the left? Chill, that’s just a little too hands on.

Looking back at it now I think I got a lot of that information with “Tell me about yourself”, but it wasn’t as explicit and tangible.

Maybe just asking it straight out is an easier way of going about it?

That’s the beautiful thing about questions. They might lead to great answers but they can also lead to asking better questions.

Thanks Gary, you’re a pearl!

Now, what are the top 3 questions you ask yourself and/or the people around you? Are there better ways of asking them? What questions would get you closer to what you want to know?

Let me know your thoughts on it!

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