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“So, THAT Just Happened…” – The Unforeseen Connections In Life

You know sometimes when the opportunity to crack a joke lands right in your lap? And it doesn’t even occur to you to, you know, not say anything?

Well, those things can backfire something awful and that’s kind of what happened yesterday.

Somebody got it wrong, a rant ensued and it became this whole thing. I felt like such an ass.

Luckily after explaining what had happened during this “Spaghetti Incident” and that it was in fact a joke (or a couple) gone terribly wrong we agreed to talk about Star Wars instead.

Chewie & Han 2015

The new trailer gave me them good chills! =D

Still, I felt like I just should’ve kept that joke to myself.

Then something weird happened. Someone added me to their “influencer” list after witnessing the exchange and a woman approached me about checking out a new app she’d been working on for over a year. I looked up the company on and checked out what it was about.

Check the video below and if you want to sign up just click here!

My point is this, we might make stupid mistakes that we end up regretting but we don’t know what else those mistaktes can lead to.

I feel very lucky in that everybody finally got along, even though it was totally unnecessary.

Also, it gave me the opportunity to make a new connection and maybe give something back to the people that got tossed into the kerfuffle.

What’s a mistake that you made that turned out for the better?

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