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“Go, Go, Go!” or “Actions Trump Ideas”

“Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” – Simone de Beauvoir

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day, I was writing about the value of asking open-ended rather than close-ended questions when it comes to gaining a deeper understanding.

Close-ended questions usually lead to purely fact based. binary yes/no types of answers while open-ended require deeper thought and often touch on the underlying reasons for the answers.

This is really valuable when it comes to understanding what drives human behaviour and decision making. It’s also a great tool for us to use to gain self-knowledge and understanding ourselves.

Venn - Understanding

Venn is it gonna stop? Never!

So, as I was writing this I got a link sent to me. When I opened it all I could do was to facepalm and message a friend I’d showed my idea to several years earlier.

I’d had this idea to make an 80’s/90’s style RPG game where real world actions would impact the characters abilities. Basically what would be called “gamifying” life.

Well, I had so many other cool & interesting things going on and chose to put that idea on the back burner.

Now I was looking right at it. Those 80’s/90’s RPG graphics, the player stats etc. Somebody else had the same idea but the difference was that they actually went out and did it.

Gamifying Life - First Concept

Here’s my very first concept for what a character would’ve looked like.

I could’ve pissed and moaned about not giving it a go but I was actually glad. This was proof that it was a solid idea!

The truth is that it would’ve taken time and money I wasn’t interested in spending on the project. If someone else has the same idea and executes on it, well, that’s just fantastic. It’s obviously something that people are interested in and have a need for.

I tip my hat to these people for actually creating the damn thing!

Hat Tip Kid

Well played, respect!

The point is this: Ideas are cheap.

We all have ideas all the time. If it’s something we’re not prepared to do ourselves we should set the idea free. There are passionate people out there ready to do the work you aren’t. They should have the opportunity to do so.

That’s why I’ve become so liberal with sharing my ideas. I know that I won’t run out of them. If someone can create something of value from something I shared I don’t need the credit for coming up with it. The credit goes to the ones who make it a reality.

Full disclosure, right now I actually have an idea for a reality show that involves using apps like Periscope and Meerkat that I’m not sharing with people. Why? Because I was reminded of a letter written by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creator of the AK-47.

I keep having the same unsolved question: if my rifle claimed people’s lives, then can it be that I… a Christian and an Orthodox believer, was to blame for their deaths?

The longer I live, the more this question drills itself into my brain and the more I wonder why the Lord allowed man to have the devilish desires of envy, greed and aggression.

Kalashnikov - Drawing

What am I doodling? Nothin’ much, just an instrument of death.

Now, I seriously doubt that my idea would have the same impact on humanity. The reason I choose not to share it with people is simply because I feel it would actually hurt people more than it would serve them.

I have no wish to put something into the world that I know could have a negative impact on peoples lives.

Have you had a similar experience where one of your brilliant idea was made real by someone else?

Maybe it’s time we finally took to heart the lesson that actions trump ideas.

If it’s something you’re so passionate about you can’t contain yourself? There’s only one thing to do…

Go, go, go!

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