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Keepin’ It Simple!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

I just finished watching “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” so I’ll keep it nice & simple!

He interviewed Edward Snowden about government surveillance and cut him off to explain precisely why people are having such a hard time understanding the issue.

It’s like the IT guy comes into the office and you go: ‘Oh, shit… Oh, shit… Don’t teach me anything, I don’t want to learn. You smell like canned soup.’

He then goes on to make a comparison people can actually relate to: Dick-pics.

Instead of trying to “elevate” the conversation and speaking in terms only certain people can understand or relate to, we should try to understand what we have in common and explain it in those terms.

This is what the people at “Last Week Tonight” did so beautifully.

I actually started to tear up, silly as it seems, because they actually took the time to understand WHY we aren’t having the conversation we should be having rather than delivering pure facts.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Government Surveillance

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