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Scyence: Borderlands – “Claptastic Voyage”

“I learned something. I learned that no matter what this brutally heartless and desperately meaningless universe throws at us, our spirits can never REALLY be broken when we walk hand in hand, wrapped in the companionship of others!” – Claptrap

Wohoo! Gearbox did it again!

It’s got a great story, explores the psyche of a character we most often think of being nothing but a nuisance and provides us with the best song of the year so far!

Even though “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!” was my pick for game of the year (yeah, not biased at all!), one thing I didn’t realize until later was that the endgame was basically non existent.

This was disheartening and after waiting months for a patch that made more bosses respawnable, I gave up and returned to playing Borderlands 2, which still holds up 3 years later!

When it was announced that Gearbox would release “Claptastic Voyage” I almost got a tear in my eye. Based on what I’d read & heard it was supposed to be on par with BL2’s “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep”. And that one was amazing!

“Assault on Dragon Keep” showcased the ability of the writing staff to craft a great story, in this case the process of grief, while delivering it in the funniest way possible.

The story revolves around a “Dungeons & Dragons” kind of role-playing game during which it becomes apparent that Tina is using the game to make sense of Roland’s death. The scene where she finally breaks down did in fact make me cry.

What can I say? I’m a sap!

Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

Let me axe you a question!

I had big hopes for “Claptastic Voyage” and I’m glad to say that it does the same things right!

It provides interesting new areas, delivers a great story and explores the psyche of a character we tend to look to for comic relief. Let me tell you, this DLC goes into some dark places!

What we all want is to be able to relate to others. That’s why we tell stories through whatever medium we pursue. Whether it’s through our writing, painting, movies, music or video games. We want to make that connection.

That’s what I love about this DLC. What Claptrap is asking us is: “Hey, you know those fears, desires & insecurities people have? Well, I’ve got them too. It’s not anything I asked for. It just got in there somehow. These are the things I struggle with. This is how I cope. Is it something you can relate to?”.

Claptastic Voyage

Hold the “craptastic” comments, this one was in fact good!

I hope that they’ll keep providing great content like this because the original release of “TPS” was not up to snuff. They need to rebuild the relationship with their audience.

Gearbox has shown that it’s capable of delivering a great gaming experience. They will probably fail in the future too. The great thing is that the Borderlands community will provide feedback as long as they know that they’re being given something more than a cash grab.

There’s no other way to sum up my experience other than: “Claptastic!”.

Keep giving me a good story, relatable characters, humor, nice gameplay, loot, and a stupidly catchy song. “You got a good lookin’ mainframe”, I mean, how can that NOT be a hit?

To all those involved with the making of this DLC, I believe Claptrap said it best: “I love you guys!”.

Claptastic Voyage – “You Got A Good Lookin’ Mainframe”

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