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Scyence: The Oscars

“The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.” – Meryl Streep

The Oscars have come and gone! And here’s my feelings on it!

1. Common & John Legend. Moving performance. ‘Nuff said.

2. The script wasn’t up to par with what Neil Patrick Harris is capable of, which is unfortunate since he’s given so many great performances as host before. It wasn’t awful but a let down for sure. Hope he gets another shot with better writing!

3. Birdman won Best Picture! Wohoo! Great cast, good writing & lots of weirdness, well deserved!

Those were the things I reacted to most strongly. Other than that I was happy to see “Feast” win Best Animated Short.

The reason I love this category is the amount of creativity that goes into these productions. Sure, a short can be as long as 40 minutes, but still!

You need to introduce the characters, tell a story, convey the right emotions etc. “Feast” did it in under 6 minutes! It doesn’t even include much of a dialogue either. There’ve been 2 shorts that have done this so far for me: “Feast” and “Paperman” from 2012. Keep an eye out for this category and watch the shorts if you get a chance, great lessons about your own taste as well as how to break a story down to its essentials!

Speaking of shorts! Yesterday I found a great set of videos on YouTube about what life lessons we can derive from the world of movies, books, TV, comics, videogames and more. Check out “Hello Stonehenge” below and on YouTube!

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