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Scyence: Better Call Saul

“When all is said and done the only thing you’ll have left is your character.” – Vince Gill

I didn’t get into “Breaking Bad” during its first 2 seasons. I’d seen some clips but hadn’t gotten hooked. Also, I was too into what I was doing at the time so I didn’t really follow any shows except the Colbert Report, Daily Show and Idol.

Things changed and I got more into the writing & production side of music so I had more downtime. I had a day off so I decided to give it another go. Well, I binged 12 episodes that day. I actually felt a bit guilty since I hadn’t gone out, talked to anyone or basically done anything. But I was hooked on that sweet blue stuff!

The show was so well crafted, even from the beginning.

Now, let’s talk Saul!

Better Call Saul!

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I watched the first episode and was so, so satisfied! Now they’ve got it down to an art. This show leans a lot more heavily towards the side of humor. With a dab of tragedy. Just take the first few minutes. It tells you exactly where this is headed.

I thought that maybe this show could be a bit of a letdown since we already know what will happen to characters, i’m glad to say that it looks like we’ll all very much enjoy the ride there. We get to know them a lot more personally which only enriches what happened during “Breaking Bad”.

Now, this show takes place 6 years before the events of “Breaking Bad” and Jimmy McGill, the person who’ll become Saul Goodman, is not in the best of places. Basically, the only way is up. Even though I doubt that it’ll surpass the success of its predecessor I think that this will still be a great show. It’ll still stand out amongst its competitors as a high quality, well written and well crafted show.

A good indicator is that the first show hadn’t even been aired and it already got picked up for a second season! Yay!

Also, finally Bob Odenkirk gets the recognition he deserves. He’s worked to get there and if anyone doubts it I recommend reading “Hollywood Said No” and “A Load Of Hooey”. He’s a funny guy who’s honed his craft and i’m so glad to see it pay off in a big way like this.

Can’t wait for the next episode and seeing this show progress!

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