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Scyence: Burnout

“The biggest problem has been exhaustion. I’ve spent about 6 of the last 14 years completely bedridden.” – Laura Hillenbrand

I was reading an article about a young woman who’d burnt out in 2013 and again before Christmas 2014. Always one with high ambitions, it all became too much after a few years. She described her bouts of panic anxiety and the pressure she’d experienced ever since high school.

The statistics the article provided were staggering. With people between 16-29 something like 40% feel stressed out. With high schoolers around 30% suffer from serious stress related difficulties of which 8% have symptoms that could be classified as burnout.

Annoyed Picard

File that one under: “What The Actual Fuck?”.

After her collapse she realized that she needed to make a change. She quit her job and started her own company and wedding photography. What was her job? She worked at a restaurant. That’s a stressful job for anyone, especially if you’ve burned out before. Good on her!

Now, I like balanced news as much as anybody else but I had to laugh.

The headline splashed beneath this one on the front page read: “This hot sector’s looking for new personnel”. Can you guess the sector? The restaurant sector. Aah, sweet irony!

Here’s the author Laura Hillenbrand explaining ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). If you’re not familiar with the name, she’s the one who wrote the books that the movies “Seabiscuit” and “Unbroken” are based upon. Also, great lessons for any creative person on how to find material, do research and dealing with life in general.

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