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Bigger & Better

“Endure the present, and watch for better things.” – Virgil

I was talking with two guys and the conversation turned to the topic of religion. Opinions ensued.

After a while someone mentioned mormons and I came to think about a story that I heard from a mormon. He and his friends were bored one night and decided to play a game. Each of them started out with a something small like a box of matches, paper clip or clothespin.

They went around bothering people and asking if they could trade it for something better. I can’t remember the details of how they traded their stuff up but someone ended up with a t-shirt, someone else with a toaster and another got a pair of skates.

Some while later [this is where it starts to sound like an urban legend] one of the guys came back and told the others that he’d found this game so cool that he’d just continued. Apparently he’d ended up trading himself all the way to a used car.

Turned out that this is a pretty common game among college students called “Bigger and Better”. I’d never heard of it. But I find it pretty interesting that this actually even works.

It’s a game of numbers. If we ask enough people someone with a sense of adventure or fun plays along and we successively build it up. It’s like the story of “The Valiant Little Tailor“. We build on whatever little thing we can.

As long as the jump isn’t too big we can make it. Unless you happen to run into an insanely rich madman of course.

Wealthy Dude

Some pocket-lint you say? Why yeees! I actually WOULD like to trade my cabinet for this precious artifact!

Can a person start with one red paper clip, go via Alice Cooper and end up with a house? Check the video below!

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