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Scyence: The Greatest Creative Expression

“The greatest creative expression we can strive for is to create meaning in our lives.” – Zac Scy

I finally got it.

A couple of years ago a former teacher spoke about his friend and described him as: “An artist in his own life.”

I loved that. He wasn’t just an artist when he performed. It was an extension of his life. At that time I couldn’t really put into words why it inspired me.

I’ve been exploring creativity since I was really young. I always wondered how people could create such beautiful music, paintings, movies and so on. How could they make me and others feel that way? I wanted to understand it.

Somewhere along the way I got this inner voice that told me that I couldn’t do it. I started to believe it. Then I found out it was straight up lying and proceeded to kick its ass!

That’s around the time I started to help others get over their fears and limiting beliefs. I started delving deeper into the psychology, science, philosophy, etc behind creativity.

A lot of people had a lot to say. From what I learned the formula is really simple. Look at several things you like, grab what you can and re-imagine it, learn from what works and what doesn’t, repeat. This works regardless of what our creative output is.

That’s why I love the word “scyence”. Besides it having my surname in it and alluding to the word “science” of course. It’s actually an old form of the word “scion” which means “sprout” or “descendant”. I like it. It’s like small idea-babies. Back to the point!

What I hadn’t considered was that it was about a lot more than just work. It’s about life.

I just heard the sentence in my head.

The greatest creative expression we can strive for is to create meaning in our lives.

Well, that’s enough for today! New subjects to be discussed and new idea-babies to make tomorrow.


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