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Do YOUR Thang!

I could tell the guy was frazzled. He’d done everything by himself for the past year. It only took him about 2 or 3 months to get his break due to a surprise promotion on an influential website. You could say he REALLY lucked out on that one. The blogs, papers and websites had interviewed him already about his “overnight” success.

It wasn’t all pure dumb luck. He’d worked hard since his teens to get there but when he finally broke out on his own things started happening. My theory is that he’d just put his trust in the “wrong” people. Now that he didn’t have people telling him how to handle things he was free to do things his way on all fronts. Apparently that approach worked!

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I can see you’ve got your chill on right now, so…. I’ll just… Yeah…

That being said, he thought he still needed to micromanage things. Look at where it got him! He was really averse to the idea of bringing on people to handle things.

I asked him what he enjoyed the most. He said that he enjoyed performing and interacting with the people. Following that I asked about what was less fun and he talked about all the boring parts of finances, it was exciting at first to see how things were going but the drudge of going through the papers and filing stuff just sucked the energy right out of him.

Count Duckula

If vampires were vegetarian ducks, your childhood was awesome.

He explained how he hadn’t produced any music in the past month because of all the less glamorous “behind the scenes” things. I asked him if he’d be willing to look at handing that to others. He said that he didn’t know who to trust and that he really wanted to keep a handle on things himself.

We talked for a little more about how to get the creative juices flowing again. I carefully suggested that he could make more time to focus on the things he really enjoyed for a while. He gave me a glance that said: “I hear what you’re saying”. I didn’t push the matter any further.

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So, what’s the moral of today’s story?

You can be sure that you might need to “do it all” yourself for a while. However, looking at the long game you’re going to have to outsource a lot of the work. Ask yourself what your best at and what you most enjoy. The rest? Leave ’em up to others! Just make sure those others are on the same page.

Do YOUR thang!

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