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Recommending-dong! Who’s There?

A producer recommended me to check out a Swedish artist called Marlene. So, I went on to the YouTubes (that’s what the kids call it, right?) and checked it out. Really nice voice and a pretty little ditty!

Apparently Eminem had added her onto his Vevo playlist and things were looking really good for her. I said that sounded awesome possum but my mind went elsewhere.

Elsweyr Map

Yeah, close enough Elder Scrolls. Close enough.

Not to be a negative Nelly but I started thinking about how you really need to be prepared to pounce on these opportunities. You’ve got to have built up a dedicated following and have people who can support you should the floodgates open.

Even if the opportunity presents itself there’s no guarantee that the audience your benefactor introduces you to will become your audience.

Less than 3 minutes later I was listening to the audiobook “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer where she talked about supporting a guy’s Kickstarter to her followers. Call it the law of attraction, synchronicity or just pure coincidence, this was amazing timing.

She explained how she believed passionately that this guy was going to get his backing if she just tweeted to her fans about it. She even blogged about it. Well, in the end only 3 people backed the guy’s project. Including Amanda Palmer.

Kickstarter Troopers

“The Empire does what is necessary. I am told this mining is an expensive venture. The Empire is smart enough to save where it is able.”

What she basically said was the same thing I was thinking, that unless you have your own true believers it doesn’t matter how many influential people speak well of you and your cause. You still need to capture and hold the interest of others. Also, we might do well in realizing that what we do might not be for everyone. It’s really nothing personal.

By the way, I highly recommend Amanda’s book. She’s got a lot of lessons to share for every creative person. One example is how she explains the difference between asking and begging. Won’t tell you more, get the book! You can also check the video at the bottom of her TED-talk. Some great lessons there too!

Begging Cat

I can haz your support?

Some people like to go in blind. It’s like girl scouts selling cookies. Going door to door without knowing if they’re going to open or if they’re fans of the cookies (apparently, they’re delish!). If nothing else it’s great practice in setting goals, business and people skills. If you keep at it long enough you’ll learn about the law of large numbers. Hooray for statistics!

On a related note, I couldn’t find any statistics for how much rejection these kids face. But let’s just agree that if it were us we’d be tossing our cookies all over the sidewalk. I mean the literal “cookies” not like after a night of too many “hot shots”.

Hot Shots!

I meant the drink but I guess Mr. Tigerblood will have to do.

Stepping up to the front door and ringing the bell is scary. But you need to trust that whether or not they’re willing to buy your cookies you’re still a person worthy of love and belonging.

Jeez, that was too sweet. Let’s get back to reality!

Let’s spend today reflecting on what approach best suits you. Do you want to go in gung-ho asking as many people as possible and seeing what happens? Or are you more of the type who wants to plan and go in with a strategic approach?

Either way, you’re going to have to risk getting a “No”. That’s the price of being vulnerable enough to ask.

Marlene – Stay Awake

Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking @ TED

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