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Women Working For Free And Playing Videogames?

“Equality is like gravity. We need it to stand on this earth as men and women.” – Joss Whedon

I read an article in “Metro” that starting today (13th of November) women in Sweden are working for free. We’re 87% through the year and women only make 87% of what men make ergo: this. Sucks ass, right?

On the last pages there are always some letters from the readers. I remember reading one about female gamers a couple of days ago. The guy was claiming that he very much doubted the existence of female gamers, he claimed that if they existed they’d probably be greeted with open arms.

Well, the answer came 2 days later and included were 401 signatures just from non male gamers. The letter ended with the words: “We just want to point out that, yes, we do exist and we play games for our own sake. This is our passion, we are here”.

That made me so very, very happy.

Pharrell - Hatty

Ain’t got time for the hatters.

I have my big sister to thank for introducing me to videogames. Without her Commodore 64 I would not have had such an early sense of agency. Nor would I have been exposed to so many different genres of music without her record collection. Thanks sis, I owe you for that and so much more!

Thinking about it now I remember being a kid and showing my mom Tetris. I explained how it worked and watched her play for a bit. A couple of days later I came home from school and decided to have a relaxing game of Tetris. I found my mom in the living room fully engrossed in it, looking up fast enough to say “Hi!” and then looking back at the screen. Mind = Blown.

Mom & Son Gaming

“Come at me brah!”, “Mom, please stop…”, “Yeeeah, son!”.

Research shows that about 48% of all gamers are women. Now, we can debate the term “gamer” as much as we want. Does one need to own a 24 button mouse? Do you need to check Kotaku 3 times a day? Do games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush count?

Let’s move beyond that and smell the 21st century. We are all human beings. We might have certain expectations put upon us based on our gender but that does not determine the strength of our character. That’s determined by grinding them mobs!

Like we talked about in “It’s Not Nucleonics!” we’re basically putting up a “No Girls Allowed!”-sign. Why? What are we so afraid of?

No Girls Allowed

Oh, for Pete’s sake…

When I was starting up a new band in my early 20’s we had a girl answer the ad. Awesome guitarist! And what was my response to that? It was literally this: “But… you’re a girl?”.

What. The. Fuck. Seriously?

If I ever get a hold of a time machine i’ll go back and kill Hitler, one does not simply not kill Hitler. But first i’ll make a pit stop and slap myself around with a large trout before uttering those words. On the plus side, that’ll make for one epic “why are you hitting yourself?”-comment.

It worked out fine in the end. She helped me get my life straight and we became great friends. I guess I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for that dumbass comment a decade ago and her having a sense of humor about it!

Monty Python

Count yourself lucky when you find those “special” people.

I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by women and had female role models like my mom, sister and grandmother who by the way was a total badass! They were strong, courageous and dared to be vulnerable. I grew up expecting that and boy did the world disappoint!

I’d seen that women were being treated differently and slowly started accepting that in my teens. There was this nagging feeling however that it’s totally wrong but I played along even though I felt uncomfortable when guys were talking about “pussy” this and “bitch” that.

Like I said, i’ve contributed to that too even with a good set of reasons not to. So, there you go!

All we can do is to make sure to not repeat the mistakes we’ve made so far. We need to look at each other as humans instead of penises and vaginas.

Um, i’m thinking of another way to end this post but I can’t really think of one so… Let’s just round it off with these videos from Extra Credits!

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