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Shut Up And Take My Money!

“I rate enthusiasm even above professional skill.” – Edward Appleton

How often do you see stuff that just jumps out at you and says: “Take me, i’m yours!”? Have you identified what it is that makes you feel that way?

I like to think that the deciding factor is passion. When people do it whether or not they get paid. When they do it because it’s something they love and want to share with the world. That’s a real turn on for me.

Sometimes these people don’t make their living on their craft. Well, atleast not yet! These people are just doing it for the love of doing it and sharing it with the initiated.

Some like to call them “Pro-Am” (professional quality work done by amateurs) or “Slash” (a person with multiple careers). I suggest reading Charles Leadbeater’s book “The Pro-Am Revolution” and Marci Alboher’s “One Person/Multiple Careers”.

Here are a few artists, both those that do and don’t make a living off of their passion, that made me go: “Shut up and take my money!”.

White Walker - Ice Cream

Stay Frosty!

Mike Wrobel – and

I just fell in love with his mash-ups of TV, movies and pop culture with 80’s/90’s art mixed with some GTA artwork vibe. Own 2 tees and need to get MOAR!

Deadpool by Voxel

That’s one crazy Canuck!

Voxel –

Characters from games, cartoons and pop culture made in 3D with perler beads. Cool as hell. I’m getting Deadpool. Love it. What else can I say?

Kung Fury

Why do I love Sweden? This is the reason.

Kung Fury –

Such a wonderful homage to 80’s cheese. Homage and cheese, I guess that’d constitute a… Fromage?

Jim Hiro - Happy Happy Halloween

Can you dig it?

Jim Hiro –

I ran across this video by accident on Halloween and fell in love with the artstyle. So cutesy and wonderfully dark!

Check out the videos below for more on Slash’s and Pro-Am’s!

Charles Leadbeater – The Era of Open Innovation

Marci Alboher & Tim Ferriss – Authors@Google

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