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You’ll Never Walk Alone

“I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” – Henry David Thoreau

An aspiring photographer and I were talking about some photos she just got developed. She was surprised that they came out so well and about her own reaction. It was completely unexpected. It’s so great to see people who’ve got a good eye (something she’d unknowingly had) realize their own talent!

Latent Talent

Red jowl bum!

Later she was talking to an author about her book, she mentioned that I was writing a book as well. We got to talking and things just flowed.

She talked about how she’d had a shot earlier in life to go for her dreams. The university she had applied to accepted her but she had to decline due to family circumstances. Things just kind of “happened”. She met a man, had children and made a life for herself. Only recently she’d got back to pursuing her dream again. No bitterness, no resentment, just a calm acceptance and joy for the work.

Joy At Work

First order of business today is: no more serving of Red Bull at meetings.

Having worked with a lot of creatives this story isn’t all that uncommon. It was also something both me and my photographer friend needed to hear. Someone who’s made the journey and can tell us about her path and the choices she felt she had to make and where they led her.

We talked about her craft, she gave us some pointers and I explained some stuff about creativity which she found interesting.

She had to leave and I kept talking with my photographer friend. We talked about what a great energy there was in the conversation.

Now, this is what’s so great about creativity! People from different backgrounds and fields can come together (in this case music, photography and literature) and discuss something creative and still understand the basic underlying principles at work and how they can incorporate them into their own work.

Culture Of Creativity

Big Bulb is watching.

Something else became apparent too. We might all sit there the desk, out somewhere doing research, scouting locations for a shoot or whatever the case may be. It might be something we have to do alone, but conversations like these make us realize that we’re never really alone. There’s always someone out there doing the same kind of thing. Someone who understands the process, difficulties and the triumphs we go through.

It’s comforting to know that like the song says, “you’ll never walk alone”.

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