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Going Lazy

“Yeah, I am lazy. There’s no doubt about that.” – Usain Bolt

When I saw the quote above I thought: “Pants on frickin’ fire!”. The amount of practice he’s put in and continues to put in is NOT being lazy.

It turned out Bolt’s manager, Ricky Simms, agreed. “Yes, he is lazy. But when he trains, he trains very hard”.

Um, yeah… So, which is it?

I couldn’t get to exactly what they meant, but it got me thinking. Can there be an advantage to being lazy?

Garfield - What A Concept

Sometimes cartoons tell the cartruth.

Just to get the caveats out of the way. If we spend our days being lazy, as in not producing anything of value or existing without purpose, that’s just wasted time. That’s the destructive kind of lazy.

We can be productively lazy. We can conserve energy. Energy that builds up and if released at exactly the right moment can push us that much further.

That lazy time can be used to get input. To explore our minds & tastes aimlessly and reflect.

It’s in these moments of laziness that we can get enough distance to what we’re trying to accomplish that we can find better ways of getting there.

It’s like meditation. If we just keep bringing our mind back to the problem the answer, or answers, will be revealed to us. We just need to put in the time.


If the house is a-rockin’ don’t Buddha knocking!

Let’s face it. It probably wasn’t the most diligent people who invented the wheel, they were far too busy dragging and carrying their shit around. It was probably the lazy one faking a pulled groin who was tired of it who thought: “There must be a better way to transport those heavy ass rocks!”. Then some other lazy sod thought: “The hell with dragging those carts around! Let’s get some of them there horses on this!”. Yet another thought: “Screw the horses! What this puppy needs is an engine!” and so on.

If we just stay lazy and don’t do the stuff the world needs us to do, we’re wasting our time here. On the other hand, if we just keep busy without taking time off to be lazy? Yeah, we might be wasting our time as well.

Other lazy people saying stuff about being lazy… Because… You know… Lazy.

“I’m barely prolific and incredibly lazy.” – Tom Petty

“Much of my work has come from being lazy.” – John Backus

“I think of myself as a very lazy author.” – Neil Gaiman

“God, I’m such a lazy writer – I can’t even think up new names.” – Dennis Potter

Also, check this out! =D

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