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Cerebrate, Corporate & Cultivate

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

We were having a conversation about being overwhelmed. You know when you have a period of “after I get this or that done i’ll have a break”? Then one thing piles on after another. You keep it together for a few weeks, maybe months. One day you drop the fork and every single thing comes pouring out. You just start crying and feel like miserable failure. When you settle down you think: “Well… That was an entirely reasonable reaction to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?”.


Do you mind?

He told me that he’d talked to people, meditated, listened to music, gone to support groups, listened to lectures and watched documentaries. He felt like he’d tried it all and still couldn’t relax at the end of the day. As long as he kept himself busy with activities it was fine. After about 40 minutes I saw the pattern. I thought he’d neglected to take care of another important aspect.

I asked him if he exercised, cooked proper meals, took walks, did yoga or anything physical. “No, I feel too tired to do any of that.”. Well, it might not be the entire answer but it’s a pretty good indicator.

This happens pretty often. We might take care of one or maybe two but completely neglect the third. I’m talking about the holy trinity. To cerebrate, corporate & cultivate. More commonly referred to as “mind, body & soul”.

This guy was really heavy on the mind and soul but had neglected to take care of the physical side.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a wiener!

Stress isn’t just a mental thing, it has some very real effects on the body. Even if we can reduce the stress we feel mentally our body has its own emotions. Hormones like cortisol can do some major damage under prolonged stress and pressure.

So, today Dr. Scy prescribes the following!

Remember to take care of your mind by reading, learning and reflecting.

Remember to take care of your body by eating properly, exercising, being physical with your loved ones (hugging your mom or getting freaky with your lover).

Remember to take care of your soul by clearing space for yourself, listening to music, just relaxing and enjoying the moment.

James Brown

Say it loud! Because if I do, things will get awkward really quickly!

“It takes more than just a good looking body. You’ve got to have the heart and soul to go with it.” – Epictetus

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