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Entry Of The Gladiators

“Stupidity is a talent for misconception.” – Edgar Allan Poe

It’s hard to see the humor when you’re right in the middle of it. People are saying one thing and doing another. You feel frustrated. How can you explain to an idiot that they’re being an idiot?

Then something happens. It’s so unbelievably moronic that you just stand there for a second. Your mind goes blank and all you can do is double over in laughter.

Water Boiler

Never before has anyone failed so bad at home ec.

We might be taking ourselves and life a little too seriously sometimes. It’s good to just take a step back and look at the bigger picture. What the hell are we doing? You realize that we’re all basically still 5 year old kids trying to act like adults.

There are serious issues to deal with in the world but they don’t have to be solemn. Solemn is serious with a stick up its ass.

4th Kind

For more “Size And Stuidity” by Phil Jones visit:

Don’t get caught up in the stupidity of life. Laugh with it.

Where would we be without it?

So much creativity and joy has sprung out of our stupidity. I’d go as far as saying that creativity couldn’t exist without a certain amount of stupidity.

Say it loud and say it proud: “I’m with stupid!”.

I'm With Stupid

Follow your arrow baby!

Whether it’s me or someone else doing something stupid this song starts playing in my head:

Entry Of The Gladiators – Julius Fucik

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